An insider’s guide to Bath’s best boozers

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, Bath had more pubs per square mile than any other city in the world. Along Roman roads and cobbled streets, down ancient alleyways and secret shortcuts, the Bath Pub Tour takes you on a 90-minute whistle-stop expedition through this city’s long and winding drinking past.
But this is no ordinary tour. This is as much a pub quiz as a pub tour, with round after round of fascinating facts delivered in a tongue-in-cheek Pub Quiz format. Come ready with a team name – there are prizes to be won! With a quick half-time pit-stop in the city’s smallest pub, we’ll safely deliver you to the cosy confines of one of Bath’s best loved boozers.
The Bath Pub Tour was created by Kilter Theatre – a local theatre company specialising in site-specific work.

Meet us outside The Crystal Palace at 7pm.
Arrive early if you’d like a drink first!


Tickets are £10 (£8 students).
Cash only, please, and pay at start!


Public tours will start again in Summer 2019. But please do check back regularly for updates or get in touch to book a Private Tour.
Olly, your guide

Olly, your guide

Co-founder of Bath’s famous Kilter Theatre, Olly’s acting talent, incredibly bad accents, and appalling sense of comic timing are all put to great use in this tour.

Things ye ought to know...

Things ye ought to know...

Who’s welcome? Why, everyone! Visitors and locals. Friends and families. Love birds and old birds. Drinkers and non-drinkers.

What if it’s raining? Rain?! That NEVER happens. (And actually, we’re pretty waterproof so as long as we’re still walking instead of swimming, we’ll almost certainly be there).

Can I book a private tour? You sure can. The Bath Pub Tour is perfect for stags, hens, team building and birthday parties.

To book a private tour, contact